Patents and Seeds: Is there a Limit?

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One of the most contentious areas of intellectual property rights is the patenting of seeds, particularly by Monsanto. The biotechnology company is best known to most people as the makers of the popular weed killer Roundup. They have developed a range of seeds resistant to the product and it has triggered heated debate about the safety of genetically modified foods.

The seeds are made by adding DNA to a plant from another species, usually bacteria, and
genetically altered seeds are used to grow over 90 percent of soybean, maize and canola in the United States.I found some more information < Read more

Intellectual Property and how it Affects your Dinner

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As sure as eggs are eggs, if something can be trademarked, an intellectual property attorney will help you complete the application, even if the property at issue is the way the food on your plate has been arranged.

The restaurant industry projects minimal to no growth during the next three to five years. Its anemic growth rate puts a premium on customer retention; restaurants cannot afford to see their patrons visit the competition for a similar chicken dinner or equivalent ambiance.

To maintain loyal customers, a restaurant needs Read more

Intellectual Property and the Rise of Pharmaceutical Monopolies

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One thing that has shaped the world as we know it today is intellectual property. One of the things that intellectual property has shaped is the pharmaceuticals industry. In fact, it has allowed certain companies to develop monopolies on certain kinds of drugs.

The development of monopolies is easy to understand. It is due to the existence of patents in US business law. A business can file a patent for any invention. In the US, patents usually last for 20 years. This means that a company that develops a new drug can hold the patent for Read more

Patents and Economic Warfare in the 21st Century.

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Intellectual property is one of the most valuable and also one of the hardest to protect. People have great ideas every day. The problem comes in when someone attempts to protect their ideas for business or invention purposes.

Now days the patent game is big business and you have to move quickly if you want to be the first to get the idea protected. Many companies have very strict policies in place so that information is not leaked to their competitors. One leak can cost a Read more

Do Intellectual Property Laws Promote Corporate Greed

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As technology continues to grow, so will Intellectual Property or IP. IP has become a major topic of interest in the music, gaming, and marketing sectors of business. The reason this has become such an issue involves the patenting of one’s ideas. The laws being passed are attempting to protect the property owner while still allowing corporations to maintain profitability throughout the process. This is creating quite a stir in the business world. If you look at the laws currently in place, the short answer is no.I found some more information here. These laws do Read more

What can be Patented: The Limits of Intellectual Property Rights

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The idea of the patent has noble intentions. The concept was created to promote the progress of science and useful arts. In other words, it gives the people who define our culture and build our economy an incentive to keep working on the next big thing

In the general, an invention has to meet 4 different criteria in order to be patentable. It has to be:

-Of “Patentable Subject Matter”

The first three seem fairly logical. The last one is what makes patent law tricky, and has been the subject of many legal disputes. Generally, Read more

Intellectual Property and the Internet Exchange

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With the dawning of the digital age, so many things have come into question. More often than not, people are becoming more and more concerned about how to keep copyrighted things safe when transferred over the internet. There has been a lot of fuss over this lately and it is extremely important to be able to tell a client who wants to sell online that their items will be safe from piracy. There are all sorts of things than can be done to ensure that this happens, so it is imperative that any and all clients be made aware of Read more

Starting Your Business Website

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There’s nothing like starting your own business but whether you’re looking into business t1 or starting your own website you’ve got to cross all your Ts and dot all your Is. If you’re creating a business website with a lot of information, here are a few things you should keep in mind:
Consider hiring a writer: If you’re concerned you may not have the right “voice” or style to get your site off on the right foot, think about hiring a writer. You won’t have to worry about intellectual property rights Read more

Reconciling Intellectual Property Rights and Medication Costs

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This reconciliation all boils down to one simple fact. Many third world countries are unable to provide decent medical care due to pharmaceutical companies who are refusing to license their intellectual property, i.e. medications, to companies at affordable prices.

Trade negotiations seem to falter between major distribution areas, such as the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan, to wave their intellectual property rights. If they were to do so, smaller nations could develop more generic brands of medications for cheaper Read more

Understanding the Basics of Intellectual Property

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Understanding the basics of intellectual property is the first step in securing the basic rights of innovators. The consequences of not protecting and respecting intellectual property are a key issue for encouraging new ideas to drive our world today.

Intellectual property can be defined as property that results from original creative thought. This can include musical compositions, art work, writings, inventions, words, phrases, symbols, common designs, and many more.

One of the biggest issues with intellectual property is protecting it. Legal copyrights, trademarks, patents, and more can help in protecting intellectual property.

The benefits of protecting Read more

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